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Indoor Billboard Rate Card
  • Ads run in a 10 minute loop.

  • Ads slots are based on 15 second length.

*If you require a longer ad length, there will be a pro-rated charge for additional time. Your ad will show six times every hour.


We also provide content creation services as well if you need ad content prepared.


Contact us now to get started!

We can set your ad up to display your twitter feed in near real time. A great way for social media users to push additional value added information to customers viewing their ad on a DAS indoor digital billboard.

Ad content specifications:


All content should be landscape orientation and 16:9 ratio.


  • Supported video file types are AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG, MP4 and WMV.

  • The maximum upload file size for videos is 500MB.

  • The default resolution for uploaded videos is 720p Images

  • Supported image file types are JPG, PNG and GIF.

  • The maximum upload file size for images is 6MB.

  • Optimal image resolution varies by template.










Indoor and outdoor digital billboards to maximize exposure and stretch your advertising dollar












Need help designing your ad? Let us help! Our creative design team is ready to develop an impactful and professional ad at very reasonable rates. 











Does your ad campaign require frequent content updates? Our flexible solutions and dedicated consultants will exceed your expectations every time.

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